TEECThe EMEA Enterprise Company (UK)
TEECTransesophageal Echocardiography
TEECTsinghua Executive Entrepreneur Club (China)
TEECTrans Electronic Equipment Consult GmbH (Oberursel, Germany)
TEECTinaroo Environmental Education Centre (Tinaroo, Queensland, Australia)
TEECTechnical Excellence Executive Committee (US Department of Energy)
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The five primary VR PEQA competency themes were also compared to perspectives from the rehabilitation field (CACREP) and the program evaluation field (TEEC; Stevahn et al., 2005).
Next, the taxonomy from the field of evaluation (TEEC; Stevahn et al., 2005) was compared to the five primary VR PEQA competencies found in the current study.
In the TEEC, Damian Vogt and Anestis Kalfas will rotate off, and Mark Turner, Ray Chupp, and Zolti Spakovszky will be incoming members.
On the IGTI Board, Allan Volponi and Howard Hodson will depart, and Hany Moustapha and Geoff Sheard will join as Member and TEEC Liaison, respectively.
They apparently don't get many people in Teec Nos Pos looking for moths.
To get to Teec Nos Pos you need to cross mountains and desert and pass signs that let people know they have finally discovered the surreal world.
In Teec Nos Pos, some Navajos spotted a range rider and an official.
Paul Makhubu, who had previously worked for TEEC, was released to become the first director of Khanya Institute, which provided courses at a different level to those of the TEEC.
The Texas Emergency ESRD Coalition (TEEC) was formed in December 2005.
Two Grey Hills, Ganado, Teec Nos Pos, Crystal, Wide Ruins -- all recognized styles today -- where first locations of trading posts.
"This year's auction will include Navajo rugs and wall hangings from Two Grey Hills, Teec Nos Pos, Ganado, Burnham, Storm Patterns, Crystals, Wide Ruins, Pictorials, Yeis and more," Clark said.