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TEEJThai Environmental Engineering Journal (Thailand)
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Kids from down-syndrome society gave everyone's eye a treat as they danced to Teej songs.
'Teej' is considered as one of the major festivals observed by married women in the country.
The violence of this movement--physical and psychological--and the questioning of such system is the preoccupation of many Teej songs discussed in the paper.
This time the actress is very excited, as there will also be a special sequence of Teej on the show and looks forward to celebrating it with her Diya Aur Bt Hum family.
In many parts of Rajasthan on the occasion of kite festival on 'Makar Sankranti' or 'Uttrayan' (in January) and 'Akha Teej' (in March or April), thousands of people fly kites with glass coated threads, often injure hundreds of birds including vultures.
ON TEEJ First Minister Alex Salmond with golfer Kelsey MacDonald and pupils from Cawdor Primary School
According to the sales staff of some leading jewellery shops in the capital, there has been a spurt in demand in the days leading to the festivals of Eid al Fitr and Teej on Tuesday.
Manchester, Sankey's Soap: (Aug 13) Ellesse, Solomun, & Stimming, (Aug 20) James Teej, Saytek, & OD Muzique, (Aug 27) Ellesse, Seuil, & Tolga Fidan ?
'Get off the phone' by James Teej (Canadian deep house DJ) on Rebirth record label.
Order the Teej sandwich with tuna, egg, and black-olive tapenade to go, then pick up a bottle of Zin from next-door neighbor Four Vines Winery (803/237-0055) and camp out on the patio.
That's why, people are opting for duplicate ornaments to wear even during major festivals such as Teej, Dashain, Tihar and even marriage ceremonies.
Community mobilization activities: Comprehensive information about family planning including the IUCD services was disseminated to increase the community's awareness through activities such as training of the Health Facility Management Committee (HFMC), refresher training of the Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs), celebrations of special days (e.g., International Women's Day, FCHV day, and Teej Festival (specially celebrated by women) at district and peripheral levels, training for the Men as Partners (MAP) groups, and meetings with District Reproductive Health Coordination Committee.