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TEENTennessee Energy Education Network (Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development)
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Very well done, child; I see you have not lost the use of your limbs though you are in your teens.
She's a mere girl, Lizzie -- I doubt if she's out of her teens -- I'm old enough to be her father.
I was a boy in my teens at the time of my father's death and had never seen the Hall, for he lived in a little cottage on the South Coast.
We do not hate, nor grieve, nor joy, nor despair in our thirties like we did in our teens.
I would definitely not send a teen to a place that gives that degree of punishment.
Schrum's important contribution is in identifying girls' agency in the creation of this teen identity through their consumer demands and creative appropriation of material aimed at adults.
Our third step was to obtain a teen perspective on the results of the expert panel.
TEEN LINE, an affiliate of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry, was founded 26 years ago to help teenagers cope with the troubles of adolescence.
In 2004, she analyzed the content of 600 entries in 200 teen blogs.
This analysis shows that between 1995 and 2004 crashes involving 15-, 16- and 17-year-old drivers claimed the lives of 30,917 people nationwide, of which 36% were the teen drivers themselves.
The short answer is less sex and more contraception," says Bill Albert, senior director of communications, publications and technology for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.
Teens can learn how to take better care of their teeth at: www.