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TEEPThird Elementary Education Project (Philippines)
TEEPTest of English for Educational Purposes
TEEPTotally Enclosed Explosion Proof (mechanical engineering)
TEEPTotal Effective Equipment Productivity
TEEPTraining Effectiveness Evaluation Plan
TEEPTraining & Exercise Employment Plan
TEEPTasa de Eventos Esperada de Paciente (Spanish: Anticipated rate of Patient Events)
TEEPTransfers and Expenditure in Excess of Provisions (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire)
TEEPTeacher Effectiveness Programme (UK)
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The first of 10 standalone episodes, the dystopian world of The Hood Maker is centred on the division between Teeps and Normals - people who can read and manipulate minds, and those who can't.
They agreed that Lake Teep was the border as the 1936 agreement suggested.
West Pakistanis never figured out why East Pakistanis adored the songs of an Indian Brahmo poet called Tagore, why women wore the teep ( bindi ) and danced in public.
He listed initiatives, including the requirements of TEEP that is forcing all local authorities to review their collection systems and assess the environmental benefits derived from them; the MRF Code of Practice aimed at improving material yield and quality from primary treatment plants; ReQuip the Resource Association's quality standard for raw material supply into UK reprocessing plants and the Recyclass Tool for improving packaging design for recycling.
Futoshi Yamauchi and Yanyan Liu--in "Impacts of an Early Stage Education Intervention on Students' Learning Achievement: Evidence from the Philippines"--measured the effects of the Department of Education's Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP).
Articles included in this report are: (1) A retrospective view of the Transnational European Evaluation Project (TEEP II) and identifying opportunities for the future (Josep Grifoll); (2) Joint Master's programmes--joint evaluations: A Nordic challenge (Kirsi Hiltunen); and (3) Joint programmes and mutual recognition of accreditation decisions (Mark Frederiks).
Moreover, cement plaster from inside and cement engraved teep from outside and steel door and one window per room have also been provided.
Then it was the turn of the bindi ('teep' in Bengali) that was a part of almost every Bengali woman's accessory.
Brooklyn College Business Program and a distinguished business executive, author, mentor, and lecturer, Myles is the founder of The Entrepreneurship Experience Program (TEEP) and Students 4 Students (S4S).