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He wishes to present them to his good friend, Mongondro, and it is in his mind to send them with the feet along in them, for Mongondro is an old man and his teeth are not good.
It is the custom, between chiefs, to send whale teeth," the Buli interrupted.
At such times her running mates flashed their teeth and growled threateningly across at each other.
At such times, confronted by three sets of savage teeth, the young wolf stopped precipitately, throwing himself back on his haunches, with fore-legs stiff, mouth menacing, and mane bristling.
The two terriers were upon him, filling their mouths with his straight, wiry hair as they sank their teeth in.
He saw on the table a tumbler with a little water in it, and with two false teeth in the water.
And as he rolled, and felt sharp teeth pricking him, he snapped and snarled, alternating snarls with whimperings and squallings of terror, pain, and abject humility.
They had crept in while Buck and Spitz were fighting, and when the two men sprang among them with stout clubs they showed their teeth and fought back.
Thereupon he attempted to gnaw his Bone, but his teeth passed through it without resistance.
But, once down, he would writhe on the deck, gnashing his teeth in impotent rage - which was pretty horrible to behold.
Like all old-fashioned country practitioners, Doctor Reefy pulled teeth, and the woman who waited held a handkerchief to her teeth and groaned.
Feeling himself so smitten, he imagined himself slain or badly wounded for certain, and recollecting his liquor he drew out his flask, and putting it to his mouth began to pour the contents into his stomach; but ere he had succeeded in swallowing what seemed to him enough, there came another almond which struck him on the hand and on the flask so fairly that it smashed it to pieces, knocking three or four teeth and grinders out of his mouth in its course, and sorely crushing two fingers of his hand.