TEEUTechnical Engineering and Electrical Union
TEEUTribunal Electoral Estudiantil Universitario (Spanish: University Student Electoral Tribunal; Costa Rica)
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SIPTU and the TEEU have joined forces to form the Trade Union Federation to increase union involvement in all employment sectors.
TEEU general secretary Eamon Devoy said the Government needs to go back to the drawing board and take into account the size of the house and the income of householder.
Mr Cawley's representative - retired TEEU official and former ESB deputy chairman Joe La Cumbre - argued that he was not subjected to fair procedure as he did not have union representation at a disciplinary meeting.
And Arthur Hall of the TEEU warned: "I don't see industrial action being avoidable.
TEEU regional secretary Pat Keane added: "We will exhaust every avenue to resolve the dispute.
Owen Wills, TEEU general secretary, said: "A speedy outcome to the investigation could obviate the need for a resumption of industrial action by our members.
General secretary of the TEEU Owen Willis said: "Given the current situation which now exists with the rejection of the Labour Relations Commission proposals that we accepted, the sector is facing a return to industrial action.
A spokesman said: "The TEEU executive will meet Thursday evening to review the situation.
The TEEU executive backed the increase at a meeting in Dublin.
TEEU General Secretary Owen Wills said: "External forces are seeking to ensure there is no settlement to the dispute.
The TEEU wants to raise the rate for electricians more than 11% from EUR21.
But TEEU incoming general secretary Eamon Devoy said the union was applying to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions for an allout picket.