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TEFAL[not an acronym] (now T-Fal; originally a portmanteau of Teflon and Aluminum)
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The warning came as the group said it had sold its American cookware business All- Clad to the French owner of Tefal.
Whether you're just starting out, a dinner-party whizz, or a busy parent feeding the family, Tefal and I have designed this range to make life in the kitchen much simpler and to inspire everyone to get cooking.
Tefal launched the product in the Gulf countries after introducing it in many countries across Europe including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and Scandinavia and more recently in Russia.
I think there is a consumer trend toward better quality products, and there are more and more consumers today that understand that by paying a slight premium they get a better value," notes Xavier Sabourin, Tefal vice president of sales and marketing.
The exciting new concept has never before been seen in Ireland and involves Tefal taking over a cafe where they will cook meals using only their products and serve them up to lucky customers.
Ms, Shonila Misra, Marketing Director, Groupe SEB Export-Dubai said that Tefal would be following up on the successful debut of "Nutritious and Delicious" range of products which offer healthy cooking options to consumers at "Taste of Dubai," with a new improved presentation.
One of the leading chefs from Al Mijana Restaurant, Le Meridien Airport Dubai, Chef Emad will offer cooking advice, including recipes, cooking techniques and practical tips and features useful to culinary students, housewives and food lovers alike, using the new Tefal Actifry, Vitacuisine and Clipso Cooker range.
The market is flooded with cheap imitation products but our loyal clients in the Gulf know from previous experience the value of the Tefal brand.
2Best professional finish Tefal Pro Express GV8330, EUR288 (www.
Tefal, the inventor of non-stick made in France cookware is designing unique range of BAKEWARE designed to make baking less of a chore and more enjoyable.
A Tefal spokesman said: "If people heated the water they needed, rather than full kettles, the country would save enough energy to power the nation's street lighting.