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Most importantly, visitors had a great hands-on experience on the convenience and pleasant formulation process with Evoniks innovative ingredients, including the award winning solublizer TEGO Solve 90.
TEGO Rad 2800 has pronounced silicone character, combining strong hydrophobing properties with optimum system compatibility.
TEGO Dispers 747 W is suitable for water-based, inorganic pigment concentrates and demonstrates excellent processing characteristics in the tinting process, according to the company.
Working with Quantum Polymers allows us to offer TEGO polymers in a broader range of options than ever before and we are excited to have TEGO polymer stock shapes available to a wider range of potential customers.
To reduce this high VOC content, Evonik has developed TEGO VariPlus LK grinding resin.
UV curing TEGO RC silicones allow successful in-line coating on top of the printed substrates, without interference with the substrate and printing.
We are pleased to be named as the strategic partner for Evonik's coatings and additives portfolio as well as for their TEGO brand," says Natale Capri, VP Business Line Specialty Chemicals Industry, DKSH Performance Materials.
Con respecto a las diferentes incidencias relacionadas con el CT que se presentaron durante el estudio senalar que durante el primer periodo (protocolo convencional) se presentaron 31 sesiones que precisaron invertir las ramas, frente a 26 sesiones durante el periodo TEGO (los pacientes que precisaron invertir ramas coincidian en ambos periodos diferenciandose en el numero que preciso cada uno).
TEGO Flow 375 and TEGO Flow 460 N make an impressive contribution to meeting the high demands made on the global production and marketing of can and coil products.
TEGO Twin 4200's_ 100% active matter content allows for its use in modern zero VOC formulations.
Comparar si hay diferencias entre los tapones TEGO [R] y los tapones normales en los siguientes aspectos:
Evonik Goldschmidt Corporation will highlight two of its UV curable silicone release systems, the TEGO RC Silicone Acrylates and TEGO RC Epoxy Silicones.