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TEGSTop End Group School (Australia)
TEGSTarget Electronic Counter Measures Generation System
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Unfortunately, standard TEG has no tissue factor (TF), so it cannot assess this fundamental aspect of coagulation activation.
The TEG is also particularly useful for the detection plasma hypercoagulability, which manifests as a shortened r time, increased alpha angle and increased maximal amplitude.
Gillian Wilson, of the Clyde Water- bus Service, which operates The Pride o' the Clyde, said: "The TEGS scheme benefits people who have difficulty getting a job.
Any business can apply for TEGs assistance, regardless of the company's size or industry sector.
One of its particularly attractive features is that firms applying will be visited by a TEGs agent to advise on their application.
The TEG R times (representing time to commencement of fibrin formation) for both channels were recorded and the difference, if any, was calculated.
The percentage of patients with a demonstrable heparin effect (kaolin TEG R time > 25% longer than their heparinase-modified TEG R time) was determined and the 95% confidence interval (CI) was calculated.