TEGoVAThe European Group of Valuers' Associations (Brussels, Belgium)
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As a non-voting observer representative, Bates has served as the organization's Scrutineer, overseeing TEGoVA elections as an unbiased, neutral party.
The importance of TEGoVA cannot be understated," Bates continues.
TEGoVA (2009) European valuation standards 2009, 6th edition.
TEGoVA (2003) European property and market rating: a valuer's guide, The European Group of Valuers' Associations, London.
Supporting these efforts is membership in international societies such as ERES, TEGoVA, and IVSC, which gives appraisers an opportunity to participate in international professional activities and to receive training and information from the worldwide community of appraisers.
ANEVAR is an associate member of TEGoVA and has a representative on that Board.
The best way for us to meet this need is to adhere to the European Certification System launched by TEGoVA based on the European Norm EN 45013.
valuers may be directed by a client to follow the guidance of the TEGOVA blue book when appraising in Europe for EU regulatory purposes or of the IVSC, rather than the RICS red book.
For example, TEGOVA quotes this definition and concurs with it.
TEGOVA, European Group of Valuers of (Fixed) Assets: has created common European standards for valuation, as European common market comes into being (the "Guide Bleu"), and
11] TEGOFOVA's reorganization into TEGOVA evidenced its recognition of a broader base of valuation clientele beyond that of financial reporting.
TEGOVA, as the successor to TEGOVOFA, now proposes that its revised statement of standards, called the Approved European Property Valuation Standards (EVSs), be adopted and applied as the EU's valuation standards.