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Mr Teie said: "The sound of suckling milk was a rewardrelated sound and then I layer in the lower register of human music to make it palatable to owners.
courses to TEIE The management fees paid by TEI totaled $16,384 and
Teie, a composer and cellist, used traits from calls that tamarins made in response to both stressful and calming situations to compose cello and voice music designed especially for monkeys.
And the catch here is: the South American monkeys are essentially immune to human music, but they respond appropriately to "monkey music," 30-second clips composed by Teie on the basis of actual monkey calls.
Chief Teie covers fireline safety, fire weather, topography and fuels, wildland fire behavior, fire extinguishment methods, initial attack strategy and tactics, the use of firefighting resources, wildland/urban firefighting strategy and tactics, incident command system, firefighting realities, and firefighting situations.
Teie ees on Eesti Arheoloogiaajakirja temaatiline erinumber, mis seekord on puhendatud rannaaarsete alade asustusarheoloogiale, kunagistele sadamakohtadele ja varalinnalistele keskustele, muistsete inimeste toodele-tegemistele merel, rannas ja joekallastel.
Kas teie kokk ei oska siis uldse midagi korralikult teha?
Announcement of competition: Teie church- new radiator installations
Kui labiraakimised ei anna tulemusi, voin ma neile separatistidele kinnitada, et kui ka kogu rahvastikust langeb sada tuhat grusiini, siis teie hulgast hukkuvad koik 97 tuhat.
Under the terms of the agreement, TEI pays a percentage of the net income from the sponsored courses to TEIE The management fees paid by TEI totaled $15,029 and $10,753 for the years ended June 30, 2012 and 2011, respectively.
16) Saarde Sai teise oma kelgu peale (= sai teise oma nousse) 'Got him/her on his sledge (= got his/her consent)'; Juri Kull teie tulete veel lopuks minu ree peale (= kull teie tulete kord samale arvamisele, kui mina olen) 'You will eventually come on my sleigh (= you will eventually agree with me)'; Maarja-Magdaleena Tema tuleb minu ree peale (= toimib nagu mina) 'He will come to my sleigh (= will follow my example)'; Kodavere, Palamuse Teie tulete ike minu kelgu piale, mina ei tule teie kelgu piale mette (= nooredki kord vananevad ning muutuvad toovoimetuiks) 'You will come to my sledge, and I definitely won't come on yours (= even the young become older and lose their work capacity)'