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TEIF is exempt from the payment of income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and has been classified by the Internal Revenue Service as other than a private foundation.
TEI 2017 2016 Designated net assets Operating reserves $ 5,667,165 $ 5,633,684 Capital / opportunity 1,502,504 2,319,838 reserves 2020 Annual Conference 100,000 50,000 (75th Anniversary) 7,269,669 8,003,522 TEIF Undesignated net assets 106,287 111,715 $ 7,375,956 $ 8,115,237
Pursuant to a written agreement, TEI administers certain continuing education courses which are sponsored by TEIF.
9 July 2104 - Lux Starlight, which has agreed to buy Guernsey-registered property investment firm Tamar European Industrial Fund Ltd (LON:TEIF) via a recommended cash offer, said today the irrevocable undertaking by TEIF investor Weiss Asset Management LP to back the offer has grown to a 14.
The increased undertaking reflects the purchase of TEIF shares by Weiss, which is the investment manager of Brookdale International Partners LP and Brookdale Global Opportunity Fund.
The Luxembourg-based special purpose and TEIF announced the GBP53.
The acquisition of TEIF, which seeks to invest in industrial real estate assets mainly across Western Europe, serves the proposed investment policy of MStar Europe, Lux Starlight and TEIF have said.
Investment income: Investment income consist of the following at June 30,: 2010 2009 TEI Interest $187,052 $315,309 Net loss on Investments (61,114) (37,726) 125,938 277,583 TEIF Interest 47 46 $125,985 $277,629
TEI pays TEIF management fees pursuant to a written agreement under which TEI agreed to administer the continuing education courses sponsored by TEIF.