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TEIGThe Economical Insurance Group (Canada)
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The company is currently assembling the final prototype of the Peacekeeper Mini and recently completed an Indiegogo campaign that brought in more than $60,000 in funding for the project, Teig said.
Teig M, Clarke V, Catling S 2007 Survey of cell salvage use in obstetrics in the UK International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia 16 (S) 30
Commercially available PD programs, by nature, are designed to have participants investigate other teachers' instructional practice (e.g., Dolk, Fosnot, Cameron, Teig, & Hersch, 2005; Schifter, Bastable, & Russell, 1999).
government complied with the request, providing guarantees amounting to $9 billion (Teig & Zrahiya, Haaretz, June 20, 2003).
Introduced by Rabbi Marc Teig as an "ambassador of the Jewish people," Mrs.
(8.) Breidenbach M, Haagsma K, Olson S, Teig D, Spears B, McHugh C, et al.
The agreement means that we further strengthen our market position and double our presence in Denmark," said Christian B Teig, CEO of Profdoc.
Dos millones de ejemplares esperan editar de Cien anos de soledad, cuarenta anos despues de la primera edicion, informo el director de Santillana, Jorge Delkader Teig. Las 756 paginas contienen una semblanza del autor escrita por Alvaro Mutis, un prologo de Carlos Fuentes y los analisis de Mario Vargas Llosa y Claudio Guillen.
But the same action of kneading and moulding the earth to produce the required shape reveals itself in another cognate noun, dough, and the Gothic for 'to knead,' digan, as well as the modern German for pastry, Teig.
Die hier angefuhrte Zusammenstellung setzt folgendes voraus: a) die Existenz einer urpermischen Verbalwurzel *kol- (das -d- in *kol-d- ware also deverbales Verbalsuffix), b) eine Ableitung von dieser Wurzel *kol- per Inchoativsuffix -3-, welche - weiter abgeleitet per Verbalsuffix -al- belegt ist in [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] TeCTO; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] r1[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] [Teig kneten, Teig ausrollen; formen (Brotleib), zerknullen; im ubertregenden Sinne: betrugen; ein Gesprach durchfuhren]' (YPC), c) eine deverbale Nominalableitung von *kol-3- per Diminutivsuffix -o (< *a).
Mons Teig returns to key terms that were stressed or emphasized in LBW and puts the whole enterprise in the context of the 2000-year-old conversation that we call the Christian liturgy.