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TELEMANTelephone Management System
TELEMANTelematic Learning in Manufacturing Industry (Germany)
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Teleman, Ulf; Hellberg, Staffan; and Andersson, Erik (1999).
Gunnarsson M, Teleman P, Mattiasson A, Lidfeldt J, Nerbrand C, Samsioe G.
Entre los compositores que han tomado la tematica de Orfeo, se encuentran: Monteverdi, Teleman, Ch.
En 13 de junio de 1872, por Acuerdo gubernativo, los pueblos de Teleman y Panzos fueron disgregados del departamento de Izabal e integrados al de Verapaz.
Other companies reported to be eyeing the Nasdaq include satellite internet equipment developer Teleman, groupware firm Nanum Technologies and communications systems provider Ace Technologies.
In 1774 Johann Georg Sulzer was unable to identify these works: `Quanz [sic] empfiehlet als Muster guter Quatuor, sechs Stuke [sic] von Teleman, die uns nicht bekannt sind'.
Craig Johnston, assistant booker at DF Concerts, spends his life finding the best new bands Teleman are a four–piece from London who are signed to well–respected indie label Moshi Moshi.