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A Randomized trial of Rapid RhinoRiemann and Telfa nasal packs following endoscopic sinus surgery.
The Telfa line includes a nonstick pad used as a first layer of protection for wounds, cuts, abrasions and burns, as well as a nonstick pad with adhesive pads to keep dressing intact.
Cover with a nonstick dressing, such as Telfa, and wrap with gauze, making sure that it remains loose enough not to impair circulation.
The figure-of-eight bandage, used to immobilize the elbow and carpal joint, (8) consisted of a precut (45 X 15 mm) nonadherent absorbent dressing (Telfa, Covidien LLC, Mansfield, MA, USA) applied directly on the suture line, followed by a nonprecut, simple layer of synthetic orthopedic soft bandage padding with a length of 600-630 mm and covered by a non-precut, simple layer of stretched cohesive bandage (Vetrap, Henry Schein Inc, Melville, NY, USA) with a length of 600-630 mm.
According to his non- randomized prospective trial Telfa and Paraffin gauze caused less bleeding and were less painful than the both Merocel and BIPP pack8.
Daniel applies bacitracin/polymyxin ointment, followed by a Telfa pad, 2-by-2-inch or 4-by-4-inch dressings, tube gauze, and then paper tape, making sure that the dressing is not too tight.
Nevertheless, our department has also begun to place a nonadherent (Telfa) dressing below the dry compress to limit any mechanical shearing forces to the skin overlying the implants.
The left leg wounds were still intermittently bleeding and were dressed with a Telfa pad (Covidien, Mansfield, MA, USA) and wrapped with Tegaderm dressing (3M, St Paul, MN, USA).
For example, Can-Am Care LLC featured two different sizes of its Kendall Telfa Antimicrobial Adhesive Bandage at the NACDS Marketplace Conference this summer.
Most of these patients (79%) were lysed under local anesthesia, given a Telfa spacer, and did not experience a recurrence.