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The rate of moisture loss during osmotic dehydration was calculated based on the analytical solution of Fick's second law as shown in equation (1), and the solids gain rate shown in equation (2), which represents a modified equation (1) (TELIS et al., 2004).
Geoffrey Wace Ceciderunt namque ex illis ea [...] laissent chevals, | Fuient par die sex milia, qui partim munz, fuient par vals, | Par les eues fluminibus submersi, partim vunt trebuchant | E mult espessement telis percussi uitam neiant.
(11) Gillian Tan, Telis Demos, and Ianthe Jeanne Dugan, "Prosper Marketplace's Valuation More Than Doubles to $ 1.9 Billion," Wall Street Journal, April 8, 2015; Simon Cunningham, "Exclusive Aaron Vermut on Prosper Growing 350% in a Year," LendingMemo, February 24, 2015.
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As a result, MPs Andreas Themistocleous, Evgenios Hamboulas, Telis Misos, Efthymios Diplaros, Andreas Kyprianou and Georgios Tasou voted 'nay' during the show of hands.
TEXAS RANGERS -- Optioned RHP Spencer Patton and C Tomas Telis to Round Rock (PCL) and C Jorge Alfaro to Frisco (Texas).
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Canadian telecommunications company Telis uses the AvayaLive Engage virtual environment to onboard employees.