TELOPSTelemetry Online Processing System
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This rugged, IP67 rated, high performance infrared camera is an important inclusion to Telops innovative line of cooled infrared cameras.
An optional Thermography Package improves the camera s ease of use by providing Telops patent pending, Real-Time Temperature Calibration algorithm which offers either raw or thermally calibrated data in real-time without any need for external blackbodies.
Fred, who first developed the voice product business idea, was working as a marketing person for "telops." His job was to develop ways to expand usage of the phone network, and he conceived of the voice product with that purpose in mind.
The visualisation of one-kyara-kotoba through the use of telops within the broadcasts plays a crucial role in maintaining the figure of the one and emphasising the promise of failed femininity (Maree, 2014).
The uptake of these symbols in one-kyara advice and conduct literature indicates how digital styles have been incorporated into visual media such as television telops and more traditional print media such as magazines and books.