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TELRICTotal Element Long Run Incremental Cost
TELRICTotal Element Long-Run Incremental Cost
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As noted earlier, the FCC employed a methodology known as TELRIC to
promulgate unbundling rules and the TELRIC standard were upheld by
The bulk of published academic research suggests that TELRIC prices
In any event, state commissions already play an enormous role in this process by setting the TELRIC prices for the unbundled elements.
local exchange market by incumbent local exchange companies ("ILECs") and recognize that "unbundling of the local loop may thus be a valid strategy to stimulate competition and innovation in at least some cases." (6) On the other hand, they criticize the TELRIC pricing methodology adopted by the FCC to guide the pricing of unbundled network elements ("UNEs"), arguing that TELRIC pricing may preclude ILECs from recouping their investments and "is contrary to the language of the 1996 Act and thus illegal as has been recently confirmed by a judgment of the Court of Appeals of the Eighth Circuit." (7) However, the Eighth Circuit decision was subsequently overruled by the Supreme Court in Verizon Communications v.
(2004) Federalism in Telecommunications Regulation: Effectiveness and Accuracy of State Commission Implementation of TELRIC in Local Telecoms Markets, Phoenix Center Policy Bulletin No.
C&S: What is your opinion on whether the European regulatory framework on interconnection based on TELRIC models encouraged or discouraged investment?
In a subsequent cost proceeding, the FCC determined that cost should be determined using a forward-looking economic cost methodology known as total element long-run incremental cost (TELRIC).
The court emphasized that in light of the quite favorable access pricing rules, based on Total Element Long Run Incremental Costs ("TELRIC") (68) the FCC requires ILECs to charge for access to their networks, the ILECs should have to provide such access on favorable terms only under extraordinary circumstances.