TELSETTelephone Set
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The same is true with wireless telsets. Users must remember to depress END when calls are completed.
Because of this, PLDT HOME Telsets gives tribute not only to her artistry but also to the values she holds dear.
PLDT's Mothers' Day campaign introduces the new landline Telsets featuring the Regine Series, paired with PLDT's best calling rates ever.
The Compugraphic PNX configuration included 480 ports for support of lines and trunks, as well as over 200 of the Z/28 full-feature telsets. The Data Adapter option on the Z/28 allows users to connect terminals, personal computers, workstations and most other EIA-compatible devices to the PNX.
Its proprietary digital telsets incorporate a microporocessor for controlling telephone functions, a codec for digitizing voice signals, a memory and other circuitry for sending and receiving signals via the switch processor.
Directly from the console, company personnel can control and monitor trunk assignment facilities, cost management and analysis, traffic analysis, feature management on individual telsets, security for data transmissions, and perhaps most important, diagnostics and maintenance.
The Mother's Day Campaign introduces the new landline Telsets featuring the Regine Series paired with PLDT's best calling rates ever for as low as P75 a month.