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According to the TEMA communication to the Honorable Minister of Communication, the telecom equipment market is expected to grow to US$40 billion by the year 2020, up from current level of US$ 10 billion, is in itself is attractive proposition for the current foreign equipment suppliers to discourage home grown telecom equipment manufacturers.
In its communique, TEMA has drawn UPA Government's attention towards the recent investigation initiated by the US House of Representative's PERMANENT SELECT COMMITTEE on INTELLIGENCE (HPSCI) to gauge the level of threat posed to the United States and take the necessary steps to mitigate the same.
Tema: Analisar criticamente os rumos da saude no Brasil, articular conhecimentos cientificos com a formulacao de politicas, e elaborar propostas para de uma agenda de acao coletiva a ser apreciada na plenaria final.
Tema Group also opened another store under Xside brand to sell its men's women's and teen's collections.