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TEMPEST[not an acronym] Unclassified US government code word for compromising emanations; now called Emissions Security or EMSEC
TEMPESTTransient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard (common, but incorrect)
TEMPESTTransient Electromagnetic Pulse Surveillance Technology (common, but incorrect)
TEMPESTTiny Electromagnetic Particles Emitting Secret Things (unofficial backronym)
TEMPESTTransient Electromagnetic Pulse Standard (common, but incorrect)
TEMPESTTelecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions
TEMPESTTransient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Surveillance Technology (common, but incorrect)
TEMPESTThermal, Electro-Magnetic and Physical Equipment Stress Testing
TEMPESTTest for Electromagnetic Propagation and Evaluation for Secure Transmissions (common, but probably incorrect)
TEMPESTTelecommunications and Electrical Machinery Protected from Emanations Security (electromagnetic compatibility)
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