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TEMPSTemptations (band)
TEMPSTransportable Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator
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Reilly explains, “There's no escaping the direct relationship between staffing services, temps, and client companies who hire them.
For now, companies should review which temps are likely to work on assignments longer than 12 weeks and review the information they are required to share with the agency.
It also found Britain was one of only four other countries which do not operate a licensing scheme "to protect temps from cowboy agencies".
Temps are also entitled to the national minimum wage - although recent research shows that most are doing considerably better than that.
Taking on temps would become much less attractive, denying many the chance to progress into full-time employment.
'Where a business could take on a temp through an agency and dispense with their services conveniently, the new ruling means that, if the temp has enough service, they can now claim unfair dismissal from the business in which they worked.
The second is closely related to the first: Temps are frequently given wholly inadequate training.
That's what director Raoul Ruiz has done with this extraordinary 1999 adaptation of Marcel Proust's A La Recherche du Temps Perdu (long known as Remembrance of Things Past in English but more appropriately translated as In Search of Lost Time).
How temp agencies use welfare-to-work laws to rack up big profits.
As it happens, this episode illustrated perfectly one of the principal themes of "Le Temps, vite!"--that the category of time cannot be conceived unless it is inscribed within an existential experience.
The explosion of temping and the shifting of employment relationships away from traditional jobs poses what may be organized labor's greatest challenge and opportunity since World War II: organizing the swelling ranks of temps, day laborers, contract and leased workers whose perpetual job insecurity forms the porous foundation of today's supposedly stellar economy.