TEOMTaxe d'Enlèvement des Ordures Ménagères (French: Tax Collection of Household Waste; France)
TEOMTapered Element Oscillating Microbalance
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Turnkey monitors show how much pollution is in the air but TEOM monitors give more accurate readings.
A conditional related to the implementation of the incentive TEOM provides a survey
alloti public market for the supply of chips and readers, investigation, file creation taxpayers supply billing software, waste collection and management incentive TEOM, supply tanks and terminals voluntary contribution.
5] Comparison with a gravimetric method has shown that the relative uncertainty of the determination of PMl0 [according to the EU guidance for demonstrating equivalence of ambient air monitoring methods (European Commission Working Group on Particulate Matter 2002)1 in Stockholm using the TEOM instrument is between 11% and 27% at the daily limit value (50 [micro]g/[m.
Investigation, providing software for managing containers and TEOM incentive, supply and distribution of bins for the collection of household waste.
We used a season-specific correction factor, based on the data from a collocated gravimetric sampler, to compensate for semivolatile mass lost using the TEOM sampler.
5 TEOM, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction and temperature monitors at the Arlington Municipal Airport (CAMS 61), canister samplers at Johnson County, Texas, and lead and meteorological monitors at the Denton County site.
Those stations with only TEOMs available were adjusted based on yearly calibration between collocated dichotomous and TEOM monitors during 2006 [n = 14, dichotomous = 1.
CAP mass was also measured continuously (every 5 min) using a TEOM (tapered element oscillating microbalance) 1400a ambient particulate monitor (Rupprecht and Pataschnick Inc.
10] samples were collected daily on Teflon filters using the automated cartridge collection unit installed on the TEOM.
5] was measured inside the homes of participants continuously using a TEOM with each measurement integrated over periods of half-hour, whereas indoor BC was measured using the aethalometer.