TEoPThe Edge of Propinquity (online short story collection)
TEoPTrainer Development Management Plan
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Following are chapters grouped in sections pertaining to the languages of Africa (six of them: !Xun, Emai, Yoruba, Baule, Joola Banjal, and Tima); Eurasia (Telkepe, Vafsi, East Caucasian family, Tungusic, Ket, Chintang and Belhare, and Thai); New Guinea and Australia (Teiwa, Mian, Teop, Jaminjung); the Americas (Yupik, Halkomelem Salish, Athabaskan), Ojiebwe, Tlapaniec, Itonama, and Mapudungun).
Based on our Museum's archival records, personal field work in the Pacific over the past forty years, and what is reported in the ethnographic literature on traditional feasting in such diverse places as the Sepik coast, the Admiralty Islands, Teop Island in the North Solomons, and Samoa, one of our current working hypotheses is that the feast food served in this ornate pottery may have been sago or mashed taro in coconut cream or coconut oil (see also: Clark 2007: 297-297; Torrence and Swadling 2008: 604).
The Oceanic language Teop uses the direct-argument strategy for hee 'give' where the verb is followed first by the recipient and then the theme, as in (70).