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TEPTomographie par Emission de Positons (French: Nuclear medicine imaging)
TEPThe English Patient (movie)
TEPTechnical Expert Panel
TEPTechnical Evaluation Panel
TEPTunnel End-Point (computer science)
TEPTraded Endowment Policy (UK)
TEPTracheoesophageal Puncture
TEPTau Epsilon Phi (fraternity)
TEPThéatre de l'Est Parisien (public theater; Paris, France)
TEPTracheoesophageal Prosthesis
TEPTask Execution Plan
TEPTechnical Evaluation Plan
TEPTheater Engagement Plan (CINC's plan)
TEPTechnical Evaluation Report
TEPTransit of Extrasolar Planets
TEPThe Enigma Project
TEPTrombo Embolismo Pulmonar (Spanish: Pulmonary Thromboembolism)
TEPThermo-Electric Power
TEPTactical Environmental Processor
TEPTexas Educational Paperbacks (Dallas, TX)
TEPTender Evaluation Plan
TEPTEMPEST Endorsement Program
TEPThe Engineered Plague (online community)
TEPTechnology Experts Panel
TEPTransmission/Escape Probability
TEPTranslation, Editing and Proofreading (text translations)
TEPTuberculose Extra Pulmonaire (French: Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis)
TEPTitre Electronique de Paiement (French: Title Electronic Payment; France)
TEPTumeurs Endocrines du Pancréas (French)
TEPTechniques Embouteillage Packaging (French: Bottle Packaging Techniques; France)
TEPTeam Execution Plan
TEPTelomerase Protein Component
TEPTactical ELINT Processor
TEPTerminal Emulation Processor
TEPTalk Echo Protection
TEPTechnology Exchange Program
TEPTechnical Evaluation Program
TEPTransmitter Experiment Package
TEPTest Error Pattern
TEPTalker Echo Path
TEPTactical Exploitation Processor
TEPTactical Earth Penetrator
TEPTango Editor Project
TEPThermodynamic Equilibrium Program (computes products of combustion)
TEPThermal Exchange Pump
TEPTBMCS Evolution Plan
TEPTraffic Engineering Program
TEPTechnology Expansion Project
TEPTelecommunications Equipment Practices
TEPTechnology Evolution Plan
TEPTraction Enhancement Program
TEPTechnical Engineering Plan (DoD)
TEPTransfer Enhancement Practices
TEPTorpedo Ejection Pump (submarines)
TEPTotal Environmental Partnering
TEPTest Evaluation Plan/Program
TEPTraining Equipment Package/Plan
TEPTon of Equivalent Petroleum
TEPTransportation Expenditure Plan
TEPThe Equity Project (charter school; New York)
TEPTop End Performance (automobiles)
TEPTivoli Enterprise Portal (IBM Corp.)
TEPTeacher Exchange Program
TEPTeacher Education Program (various locations)
TEPTropical Eastern Pacific
TEPThe Education Program (various locations)
TEPTransepithelial Potential
TEPTransportation Enhancement Program
TEPTucson Electric Power
TEPTransitional Employment Program
TEPTeacher Education Programme (various locations)
TEPTriethyl Phosphate
TEPTrust and Estate Practitioner
TEPTypical End Use Product (environment)
TEPTerminal Emulator Program
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The pilot program will help TEP evaluate the effectiveness of energy management programs and their effect on customer satisfaction.
The total installed cost of TEP Bright Roofs will be comparable to TEP's other utility-scale systems.
The program is perfect for renters, property owners whose rooftops aren't fully exposed to the sun or anyone who wants the benefits of solar energy without the up-front cost or complications," said David Hutchens, Vice President of Energy Efficiency and Resource Planning for TEP and UniSource Energy.
In January 2010, TEP terminated its $132 million secured letter of credit facility.
With funding provided by customers, TEP has developed nearly 10 MW of company-owned renewable energy generating capacity along with more than 17 MW of customer-sited systems subsidized by the company's popular SunShare rebates.
170 MW at San Juan Unit 1, which TEP does not anticipating using beyond the June 2022 expiration of its coal supply contract; and
Thus, the acquisition could become more accretive to TEP if it issues equity for net cash proceeds in excess of USD 42.
Les ressources energetiques primaires ont recule, au cours des 8 premiers mois 2015, de 6% pour atteindre 3 millions 550 mille TEP contre 3 millions 791 mille TEP a la fin aout 2014.
TEP Yemen's strategy is to recruit, train, and develop Yemeni nationals in order to optimise its local workforce, which is considered to be the backbone of its operations.
I experienced multiple failures of the TEP that occurred shortly after its insertion due to central canal fluid leakage.
for ABC TV's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" program is close to garnering Tucson Electric Power's TEP Guarantee Home certification for energy efficiency.
Other psychosocial rehabilitation agencies began to utilize the TEP model - each modifying the concept to fit individual and agency needs.