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TEPETeacher Education Policy in Europe (online group)
TEPETeaching Elementary Physical Education
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Dundeeas operating assets include the Chelopech and Ada Tepe mines in Bulgaria and Tsumeb specialty smelter in Namibia, as well as the development stage Timok gold project in Serbia.
The first settlers of Nakhchivan Tepe built dwellings that were partly dug into the ground and partly constructed from mud bricks.
Growth capital expenditures were mostly related to the construction of the Ada Tepe gold mine.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared last year that 2019 is the year of Gobekli Tepe. Hopefully the scaffolding has been reduced for visitors to enjoy a better view.
Cresting Gobekli Tepe, Schmidt noticed the earth was speckled with carefully dressed limestone slabs, and made an extraordinary intuitive leap: perhaps these slabs were the tops of further T-shaped columns hidden in the mound, the rims of further temples.
So individuals with brains as big as ours hunted and gathered and cooked for hundreds of thousands of years until, for some reason, at Gobekli Tepe they started cutting and moving ever larger stones, setting them in circles, and carving them with scary creatures like lions and spiders.
GAaAaAeA bekli Tepe was used to observe and record astronomical events.
Lead researcher Dr Martin Sweatman, from the University of Edinburgh's School of Engineering, said: "It appears Gobekli Tepe was, among other things, an observatory for monitoring the night sky.
The symbols, scratched on to pillars at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, suggest a swarm of comet hit the planet.
The site is at Gobekli Tepe, in southern Turkey, thought to be an ancient observatory.