TEPHTotal Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons
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Total extractable phenolics (TEPH), total extractable tannins (TET), condensed tannins (CT) and protein precipitating capacity (PPC) were determined by the method of Makkar and Goodchild (1996).
The TEPH, including low molecular phenolics and tannins, was present in similar amounts in both tea by-products, approximately 84 g/kg DM.
Irradiation of mangoes as a postharvest quarantine treatment for fruit flies (Diptera: Teph ritidae).
Team GB Women 1 Brazil Women 0 S TEPH Houghton secured arguably the finest result in the history British women's football as Hope Powell's side stormed into the Olympic quarter-finals by beating Brazil at Wembley.
teph Minogue and Rebecca Linney completed the season in the year 7 and 9 competition, respectively, undefeated.
Total extractable phenols (TEPH), total extractable tannins (TET), and condensed tannins (CT) of freeze-dried samples were analyzed by the methods of Makkar and Goodchild (1996).