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TEPPTobacco Education and Prevention Program
TEPPTechnopreneur Promotion Programme (India)
TEPPTelecommunications Equipment Purchase Program
TEPPTest and Evaluation Program Plan
TEPPTransporation Emergency Preparedness Program
TEPPThermal Electric Power Plant (various locations)
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The promotions of Lucas and Thiago are warranted and securing the services of Luiz Clerot will help drive optimal outcomes for the TEPP but also our other phosphate assets located in Southern Brazil where there is no local source of phosphate.
of % Patients Adhesiolysis 19 29 Anterior Resection, APR 03 04 Diagnostic Laparoscopy (with omental biopsy) 01 01.5 Excision of cysts 08 12 Deroofing of cyst 01 01.5 Gastrojejunostomy 05 07 Left Hemicolectomy 02 03 Right Hemicolectomy 02 03 Jejunojejunostomy 01 01.5 Live Omentopexy 02 03 Mesh Repair 02 03 Orchidectomy 02 03 Pericystectomy 06 09 Diaphragmatic Repair with Gastropexy 01 01.5 Splenectomy 01 01.5 TAPP 01 02 TEPP 07 10 Varicocelectomy 03 04.5 Total 65 100 Table 5.
That makes the ability to monitor these submarine eruptions important, and Tepp is focusing on that in her presentation at the (http://acousticalsociety.org/content/174th-meeting-acoustical-society-america) ASA meeting .
Tepp et al., "Formation of highly organized intracellular structure and energy metabolism in cardiac muscle cells during postnatal development of rat heart," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)--Bioenergetics, vol.
Average duration of surgery for a single repair was 35 minutes except for TEPP, in which the duration was longer about 120 minutes due to learning curve.
The fruits in this group were also characterized by high PPO and POD activity and low PAL activity in the pulp and peel, elevated TEPP levels in the pulp, and elevated antioxidant activity (ABTS).
Tepp, "Assessing visual soil disturbance on eight commercially thinned sites in north eastern Washington," USDA Forest Service Report 14, Pacific Northwest Research Station, 2002.
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Apart from these, GIAN helps their innovators to get fund for their projects through various Government scheme like TePP (Techno-entrepreneurship Promotion Program).
The compound was a mono ester of organophosphorus compound and named tetraethyl pyrophosphate (TEPP).