TEPUTaiwan Environmental Protection Union
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The creation of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (TEPU) was also critical to the environmental upsurge beginning in 1987.
In the 1991 rice planting season, the people of Data Dian made half of their swiddens on what used to be the land of the Lepo Tepu on the Iwan river.
Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East Capt (retd) Azfar Mehsar talking to a news conference at Ferozabad Police Station, here on Tuesday said that the gang had been targeting women shoppers for past four years, specially in the posh areas of PECHS, Tepu Sultan, Clifton, Nursery and Gulshan-e-Iqbal.
Aun existe un paisaje boscoso y un fuerte aire marino matizado con la suave brisa del lago (13): el relieve es montanoso y se desarrolla desde el nivel del mar hasta los 850 m de altura (Cordillera Piuchue); el bosque siempreverde domina el sector con nobles alerces, arrayanes, avellanos, canelos, cipreses, coigues, lumas, manios, notros o ciruellillos, tepu, tepuales y ulmos, todos cubiertos por helechos, liquenes y musgos; una serie de rios desemboca en el Oceano Pacifico (rios Abtao, Refugio, Lar, Nango, Cole-Cole, Cipresal y Puchanquin).
microps Linut CYPRINODONTI-FORMES HEMIRAMPHIDAE Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus Kenyulung, Julungjulung BELONIDAE Xenentodon canciloides Julungjulung, Kenyulung, Tepu SYNGNATHI-FORMES SYNGATHIDAE Doryichthys boaja Penyucuk telinga buaya, Sumpit buaya Doryichthys martensii Penusuk telinga buaya SYNBRANCHI-FORMES SYNBRANCHIDAE Monopterus albus Belut, Lindung PERCIFORMES CHANDIDAE Gymnochanda cf.
57 is noteworthy for the phrase hausduer tepu hashassan (i 4') that helps delimit the meanings of both the noun hasdure and the verb hashass- and for informing us about the extensive collection of "dust" or "ashes" (hassus/SAHAR.HI.A-us) from various objects in an empty city (i.
The dubious revelers are roaming outside Satellite town, Murree road Barani university, F-G Girls High school, Waqar un Nisa boys college tepu road, Waqar Un Nisa girls college Sir Syed chowk, Sir Syed Girls school and other schools and colleges.
After incident, shops and other businesses were closed in various parts of the city while people faced heavy traffic jam around Faisal Avenue, Tariq Road, Bahadarabad and Tepu Sultan Road.