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TEQThat Escalated Quickly
TEQToxicity Equivalent
TEQToxic Equivalent Quantity
TEQTime Domain Equalizer
TEQTradable Energy Quota (energy trading scheme)
TEQTerra Est Quaestuosa (web-based game, Spanish: Lland is Profitable)
TEQTeqillers (gaming clan)
TEQTraining & Employment Queensland (Australia)
TEQTeacher Education Quarterly
TEQTax Equalization
TEQThe Evil Quakkers (gaming clan)
TEQTinnitus Effect Questionnaire
TEQTransparence et Qualité (French: Transparency and Quality; software company; France; est. 2005)
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Dioxin toxic equivalents (TEQs) were calculated on a lipid basis using the 2005 WHO toxic equivalency factors to weigh the potency of each congener relative to TCDD before summation (Van den Berg et al.
"With several wireless presentation/collaborations products available now, we are extremely happy to have been selected for this award," said Richard Dussaigne, National Sales Manager at Teq AVIT.
Lieberman and his team developed TEQ Charging, Inc., a modular and software-based power management system that can charge a large quantity of cars for a fraction of the cost.
Following a successful commercial demonstration of Clean TeQ's desalination technology at the WAMBO feedlot in Queensland, proving the viability of converting coal seam gas produced water to agricultural-grade water, Clean TeQ and Nippon Gas have agreed that Clean TeQ will buy the 50% Nippon Gas shareholding in the Associated Water Joint Venture, for $2m.
dominicanus ranged from 13 to 211 pg [g.sup.-1] lipid weight of PCBs (mean 76.33333, median 61.5, SD = 64.86116) and toxic equivalents of PCBs (pg TEQ [g.sup.-1] lipid weight) from 1.5E-4 to 7.0 pg [g.sup.-1] lipid weight of PCBs (mean 1.48428, median 0.00945, SD = 2.70384); and ranged from 0.41 to 192 pg [g.sup.-1] lipid weight of PCDD [Fs.sup.-1] (mean 19.71118, median 7.0, SD = 41.98975) and toxic equivalents of PCDD [Fs.sup.-1] (pg TEQ [g.sup.-1] lipid weight) from 9E-4 to 5.0 pg [g.sup.-1] lipid weight of PCDD [Fs.sup.-1] (mean 0.94304, median 0.5, SD = 1.35553).
The 2003-2004 NHANES data set was used as descriptive reference statistics for 2,3,7,8-TCDD TEQ in blood-lipid in the U.S.
The TEQ concept is a means to meet the emission budget as efficiently as possible at minimum cost.
Customer care director Paula Hodkinson said: "Retaining the TEQ Award for three years running is something the team here has worked really hard to achieve."
In this paper we derive the Multicarrier Equalization by Restoration of RedundancyY (MERRY) algorithm for a fractionally-spaced channel shortening (or time domain equalizer) (FSTEQ and show that the FSTEQ MERRY algorithm converges significantly faster than the non-fractional TEQ MERRY algorithm.
The pallets containing 52 Nav Teq RC400 Roadcom sat navs worth pounds 10,400 were last recorded as being at the depot at midday on October 29.
Briefly stated, in the present study 36 college students were surveyed twice (about two weeks apart), on two distinctively different teacher rating scales (i.e., the "Teacher Effectiveness Questionnaire" ["TEQ"; Parish & Stallings, 1992]), and the "Motivating Students Checklist" ("MSC," introduced here) in an attempt to establish both scales' concurrent validity, as well as their test-retest reliability too.