TEREETechnology for Emission Reduction and Eco-Efficiency (Canada; petroleum industry)
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(33.) Model EL 72 00 B20A, Bourdon Sedeme, Sensors Dept.; 1, Rue de Teree Neuve, ZA.
Teree Foster, dean of DePaul's College of Law, said Lyon's expertise and the firsthand experience for students may "convince some of our brightest students to choose careers in criminal law, a field where talented young people are always needed."
"According to SWMTC chair Teree Caldwell-Johnson, the SWMTC is working on projects and policy related to recycling goals and measurements, public-private partnerships, cooperative solutions to solid waste management, solid waste flow control, full cost accounting and life-cycle analysis." If you are interested in working with APWA on public-private partnerships or learning of their activities, Teree Caldweel-Johnson can be reached at (515) 286-3448.
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