TERFTrans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist
TERFTerrain Flight
TERFThai Elephants Research and Conservation Fund (Thailand)
TERFTransition Economies Research Forum
TERFThe Eye Research Foundation (Chennai, India)
TERFTax Effect Recovery Factor
TERFThe Escort Review Forum (discussion board)
TERFTechnical ELINT Reference File (KILTING)
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However, this was night one of the mission phase, and I had not flown a day TERF in the operational area yet.
Although all pilots were aware that TERF would be required as part of the mission, there was no discussion about it during the section brief.
I'm just not seeing it here--two pilots late to the brief, one of them didn't even know he was flying, no discussion of TERF procedures and tactics, and a couple of radio calls that made the little grey hairs on the back of Gramp's neck hackle-up and what appears to be overly aggressive flying based on the situation all add up to what appears to be a general lapse of discipline.
The area was unfamiliar to me, and I found it challenging to navigate the flight and continue to provide TERF flying instruction to my copilot.
The initial frustration I felt after having to adjust the formation sequence and then the low-level route now began to magnify as I realized I'd have to come up with another change to the plan to complete the TERF landings.
The TERF idea is that sex is entirely binary, that the oppression of women is entirely based on that binary difference; that gender is a malign fiction created by a patriarchy that exists wholly and solely to oppress women as a class.
TERF Bev Jo Von Dohre has said, "They expect we'll be shocked to see statistics about them being killed, and don't realize, some of us wish they would all be dead.
There is a continuum of personal association and verbal support between academics like Jeffreys and Raymond on the one hand and TERF activists and bloggers on the other.
The trouble with the acronym TERF is that it fundamentally ignores the extent to which Raymond, Jeffreys, and their followers despise most other women.
We must trust our aircrewman implicitly in the TERF environment.
The TERFs - who oppose some trans rights campaigns - had gathered for a talk on gender issues.
Sobre TERFs, transfobia e imprecisoes conceituais: consideracoes sobre um texto de Carla Rodrigues".