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TERFENOL-DTerbium, Iron, Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Dysprosium (magnetostrictive alloy)
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In most of these papers, the thermosetting resin was used as binder in the process of compaction of the Terfenol-D to obtain the final material.
Here, magnetostrictive composites (polyether urethane-Terfenol-D) were produced by combining the polymeric material with polycrystalline powders of the magnetostrictive material (Terfenol-D).
The composites were prepared using the same experimental process by adding Terfenol-D powders 1 h after the reaction started, to get a homogenous material.
The strain characteristic showed in Figure 1 was obtained for a Terfenol-D rod, an alloy composed by iron, terbium, and dysprosium (a giant magnetostrictive material-GMM-) with dimensions of 80 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm, which is presented in Figure 2(b).
A fiber Bragg grating was fixed to the Terfenol-D rod using a commercial cyanoacrylate adhesive, after the cleaning of the surface.
With the purpose of investigating the magnetostrictive characteristics of the Terfenol-D samples and to inspect the proper attachment of the grating over the rod, a coil was constructed, enabling the excitation of the magnetooptical transducer with DC currents.
Nanometric displacement is created by magnetic flux [[PHI].sub.1], directed through terfenol-D rod 3 and trough the left side of plates 2 and 5.
The strain of the terfenol-D rod depends on a rod length and the flux [[PHI].sub.1].
For small variations of the magnetic flux inside the terfenol-D the dependence of magnetostrictive displacement vs.
Terfenol-D is an example of a smart material, a substance that changes shape when it is subjected to a specific type of energy input.
Terfenol-D, a near-single crystal of the lanthanide elements terbium and dysprosium plus iron, exhibits the greatest magnetostrictive effects of any commercially available material.
During manufacture, Terfenol-D is melted, cast, and directionally solidified to provide the crystalline microstructure required to produce large strains.