TERGTechnical Evaluation Reference Group (The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Geneva, Switzerland)
TERGTerrestrial Ecology Research Group (University of Plymouth; UK)
TERGTelematics in Education Research Group (Sheffield Hallam University; UK)
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10) Evaluations overseen by the TERG include 1) Assessment of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs); 2) Assessment of the Proposal Development and Review Process; 3) 360 Degree Stakeholder Assessment; 4) Global Fund Portfolio Review; 5) Evaluation of the Local Fund Agent System; 6) Five Year Evaluation Study Area 1: Global Fund Organizational Efficiency & Effectiveness; 7) Five Year Evaluation Study Area 2: Global Fund Partner Environment; and 8) Five Year Evaluation Study Area 3: Health Impact of Scaling Up Against HIV, TB & Malaria; Links to all evaluation materials for the studies overseen by the TERG can be found at http://www.
Under the TERG guidance, country specific findings should be communicated and inform how
however, the TERG would like to encourage proposals that are innovative in terms of team
In 2015, the TERG will commission an independent appraisal of progress towards the commitments reflected in the Global Fund Strategy (2012 2016), termed the Strategic Review 2015.
build on the previous TERG thematic review and work being currently conducted by the Secretariat.
This country case studies will be conducted on a select number of countries that have transitioned from Global Fund-support, and will build on the previous TERG thematic review and work being currently conducted by the Secretariat.
Under the guidance of the TERG, the potential consultant(s) will review documents, interview stakeholders; analyze existing quantitative and qualitative data and conduct a number of country case studies in order to:
The consultant should develop an evaluation methodology in consultation with the Global Fund teams and TERG focal persons.