TERGTechnical Evaluation Reference Group (The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Geneva, Switzerland)
TERGTerrestrial Ecology Research Group (University of Plymouth; UK)
TERGTelematics in Education Research Group (Sheffield Hallam University; UK)
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[48.] Zeuzem S, Andreone P, Pol S, Lawitz E, Diago M, Roberts S, Focaccia R, Younossi Z, Foster GR, Horban A, Ferenci P, Nevens F, Mullhaupt B, Pockros P, Terg R, Shouval D, van Hoek B, Weiland O, Van Heeswijk R, De Meyer S, Luo D, Boogaerts G, Polo R, Picchio G, Beumont M; REALIZE Study Team.
As various CCMs related (as did TERG sometime later), CCMs had no idea of what was to be included in a grant proposal or what specific questions they needed to address.
The Stan Terg mine quickly reached a production level of between 600,000 and 700,000 tons of ore per year, with the annual metal output between 50,000 and 60,000 tons--figures which would never again be matched after 1939.
Misbruik met woorde -- jou name noem, jou terg en uitdaag en in tartende stem met jou praat, jou beskuldig van dinge en jou blameer en neerhalend van jou praat ens (dit vereis 'n gedragspatroon wat ernstige verlaging van jou menslikheid tot gevolg het of 'n vrou van haar privaatheid, vryheid, integriteit of sekuriteit ontneem.
However it has come under fire by some teaching unions, who said including made-up words such as "voo", "terg" and "bim" will frustrate those who can already read and confuse pupils who have special educational needs, or those for whom English is a second language.
Kumaraswamy, Scientist F and Officer-in-Charge, Tuberculosis Research Centre, Chennai, participated in the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG) Working Group Meeting, at Geneva (December 9-11, 2009).
After several discussions about the terms of the study, in November 2006, the Board approved the launch of the five-year evaluation, which was overseen by Board-appointed public health experts, known as the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG), and conducted between April 2007 and October 2008 by a team of independent consultants who assessed
Die werkwoord skoor verwys daarna om iemand te terg of te pla en word gewoonlik gebruik in 'n uitdrukking soos "om met iemand skoor te soek".