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Compared with TERIS, ACE has the advantage that no foreign body is implanted, so there is no need for a removal procedure.
Herald: Full-time is me, Teri Moser, my office manager, she's also in sales; Debbie Griggs who used to be our operations manager in Twisp, but she's getting married and moved to Wenatchee.
THE classic block-building puzzler Teris has grown up.
But a man from China could ride before us, and we're Teris (Hawick folk).
REPRORISK now includes TERIS Teratogen Information System, Shepard's Catalog of Teratogen Agents, The REPROTOX database and REPROTEXT Reproductive Hazard Reference.
Running back Teris Jones-Grigsby had 115 rushing yards and 95 receiving yards in the win over Oregon, Wilson ran for 92 yards with three TDs and Solomon threw for 287 yards.
This year, Teris Chief Executive Officer Eric Gernath said, the company decided to provide the same event to people in south Arkansas for free as part of its commitment to the community.
Sales so far, which include interests in industrial waste firms Teris and Teris, Brazil-based polyester firm Rhodia-Ster and technical fibre unit Kermel, accounted for 80 per cent of the disposals programme.
19) Even the fourteenth-century author of the antitheatrical Tretise of Miraclis Pleyinge admitted, "ofte sithis by siche miraclis pleyinge men and wymmen, seinge the passioun of Crist and of his seintis, ben movyd to compassion and devocion, wepinge bitere teris.
To speke thereof my tongue hath no delite; Tho with my mouthe I laugh mochil or lite Mine eyin should make a countenance untrue, My herte also would have thereof despite, The wepyng teris have so large issue.