TERLTrace Element Research Laboratory (US FWS)
TERLTraffic Engineering Research Laboratory
TERLTest Equipment Readiness List (US NASA)
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Made by Tom Spina Designs www.tomspinadesigns.com, Terl is a full form body suit and will absolutely stand out in a crowd.
One such survivor is Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Pepper) who is captured by Terl (Travolta), the Head of Psychlo Security, then quickly instigates a rebellion.
The year is 3000, and humanity is living a Planet-of-the-Apes-like existence under the iron hand of a bunch of poorly groomed, but highly advanced aliens (Psychlos) led by John Travolta (Terl).
"As for [John] Travolta's performance as Terl [in the film Battlefield Earth], he ...
In the movie, Travolta is cast as Terl, the chief of security of the Psychlo aliens.
Head Psychlo Terl (Travolta) decides to "train" one of them.
Allan Terl's extensive work on AIDS-related legal issues dates back to the 1984 firing of a public employee because he had AIDS, a case which led to the first decision in this country that people with AIDS are protected from discrimination on the basis of handicap.
Ron Hubbard, announced their entrance into the world of Cosplay with Terl, the chief of security on Earth from the planet Psychlo, based on the internationally bestselling novel "Battlefield Earth."
The security chief Terl (John Travolta) has a sidekick, played by Forrest Whittaker and Terl is always taking advantage of him.
And Hatchett was the first recipient of the Allan Terl Award, the namesake of the late Ft.
Selected, trained and his IQ boosted by Terl, Tyler is soon teaching his fellow humans the fundamentals of molecular biology and training them up on a flight simulator so they can fly ancient fighter jets and eventually get to nuke planet Psychlos.