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TERNTourism Emergency Response Network (UN World Tourism Organization)
TERNTobacco Etiology Research Network (Lexington, KY)
TERNTeacher Education Research Network (UK)
TERNTaiwan Ecological Research Network (est. 1992)
TERNTennessee Economic Renewal Network (coalition)
TERNTelecommunications Education Research Network
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Influence of predation on piping plover, Charadrius melodus, and least tern, Sterna antillarum, productivity along the Missouri River in South Dakota.
As five assistant National Trust rangers packed up the tents which have been their home for three months at Long Nanny beach, they were celebrating the fledging of 54 little terns. The rangers have been protecting little terns against threats, ranging from predators and human disturbance to high tides and storms which can wipe out nesting areas.
Our rangers have done a fantastic job and have proved to be a dedicated and hardy team, braving storms, high tides, cold weather, hot weather and a fair few assaults from disgruntled Arctic terns.
Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, advice from the RSPB and the tenacity of the Arctic Tern parents themselves.
Before heading south for the winter, the shallow seas off North Wales are a valuable late summer feeding area for thousands of terns.
'This is a Lesser crested tern, it's still lovely, and the way it has been captured from a photograph and then on to canvas is truly stunning."
Market Drayton's fire station advised that there will be a diversion route, suitable for HGVs, using the A529 between Market Drayton and Audlem, the A525 between there and Whitchurch and the A41 between Whitchurch and Tern Hill.
It's politics," he said, adding he understood Tern made a mistake with the original language, but he objected to her bill in any case.
Common tern numbers have increased in Britain since the late 19th Century when their feathers were used in the millinery trade.
Climate change, which scientists expect to foster stronger and more frequent tropical storms, could lead to more sooty tern deaths.
At the same time as I was trialling different markers and processing samples, the opportunity arose to study the black-fronted tern population in the Lower Waitaki River in more detail and test if providing higher quality habitat would allow them to increase their breeding success.