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TERRISTerrestrial Environment Information System
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Venient annis Saecula seris, quibus Oceanus Vincula rerum laxet, et ingens Pateat Tellus, Tiphysque novos Detegat orbes; nec sit terris Ultima Thule:
Whether people grow fat by joking, or whether there is something in fat itself which predisposes to a joke, I have never been quite able to determine; but certain it is that a lean joker is a rara avis in terris.
You have rolled much; quae regio in terris -- what parish in Scotland
Caption: Pope John XXIII signs his encyclical Pacem in Terris at the Vatican in 1963.
Pacem in Terris comes to light in a changing world, one experiencing unprecedented economic and social development, and general optimism, at least in the West.
Pacem in Terris, therefore, serves as a great reminder of what values Indians should be looking for when they cast their vote for a particular candidate or party.
La Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile recordara los cincuenta anos de la muerte del papa Juan XXIII, quien convoco al Concilio Vaticano II, y de su ultima enciclica, Pacem in Terris.
of Pisa, Italy), Terris (surgical director, Georgia Health and Thyroid/Parathyroid Center and otolaryngology, Georgia Healthy and Sciences U.
Design Team: Bruce Reber, Architect, Practice Leader, Healthcare Canada, Architecture; Paul Marmion, Senior Principal, Buildings Engineering; Graeme Terris, Senior Associate, Buildings Engineering; Dean Kaardal, Senior Associate, Buildings Engineering (Stantec Consulting Ltd); Suzanne Fox, Regional Director, Emergency Service & Trauma Care (Vancouver Island Health Authority)
Exactly 50 years ago, Pope John XXIII's great encyclical Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) ended with a prayer that Christ would "inflame the desires of all.
The Jordan Terris Drum Festival takes place at the town's Co-op Club on Sunday, February 24, from 12-6pm, with proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.
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