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TERSTip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
TERSTactical Event Reporting System
TERSTransplant Evaluation Rating Scale
TERSTactical Electronic Reconnaissance System
TERSTest and Evaluation Report Sheet (USAF)
TERSTemporary Earth Retaining System (excavation)
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References in classic literature ?
The idea of stickin' that blessed child 'way off up here in this hot little room--with no fire in the winter, too, and all this big house ter pick and choose from!
Poor little soul!--a pretty place this is ter put a homesick, lonesome child into!" she finished, going out and closing the door with a bang, "Oh!" she ejaculated, biting her lip.
Tom," began Nancy, throwing a quick glance over her shoulder to make sure she was unobserved; "did you know a little girl was comin' here ter live with Miss Polly?"
"Why don't ye tell me the sun is a-goin' ter set in the east ter-morrer?"
"And she's goin' ter sleep in the attic--more shame ter HER!" scolded Nancy, with another glance over her shoulder toward the house behind her.
"She used ter be real handsome--and she would be now, if she'd let herself be."
If she'd just let that tight hair of hern all out loose and careless-like, as it used ter be, and wear the sort of bunnits with posies in 'em, and the kind o' dresses all lace and white things--you'd see she'd be handsome!
It begun then--at the time of the trouble with her lover," nodded Old Tom; "and it seems as if she'd been feedin' on wormwood an' thistles ever since--she's that bitter an' prickly ter deal with."
Mas'r never ought ter left it so that ye could be took for his debts.
"Yer ought ter look up to the Lord above--he's above all--thar don't a sparrow fall without him."
"Yes, yes," said Haley; "but your good fellers are just the critturs to want ter run off.
“Richart,” said Major Hartmann, very coolly knocking the ashes from his pipe into the spitting-box by his side, “now listen; I have livet seventy-five years on ter Mohawk, and in ter woots.