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TERUTechnology Education Research Unit (UK)
TERUTraining and Employment Research Unit (University of Glasgow; UK)
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Managing Director Gary Hablero, CEO Teru Sumida, media launch moderator Quintin Pastrana, Chief Operating Officer Eli Becislao, and Chief Technology Officer Marco Mejia.
Significantly more Significantly less Male ha, no (case particle), te, no, nai, yo, ne, wo, to, ka, noda, na, nodesu, teru, wa, zu, ga, toiu, zo, ya kashira, mono Female te, no, nai, yo, ne, ha, no (case particle), nodesu, teru, wa, wo, to, ka, noda, na, kashira, mono zu, ga, toiu, zo, ya Table 4: Significant words in division of relationships between speakers and listeners.
Table 1 Participant profiles Participants Sex Age Diagnosis Retrography Gen Male 11 ADHD [check] Sachi Female 11 LD [check] Kou Male 13 ASD [check] Teru Male 8 TD [check] Ami Female 10 TD -- Maen -- 10.60 (1.82) Participants WISC-IV PVT-R FSIQ Verbal age (years; months) Gen 98 11; 06 Sachi 106 11; 09 Kou 116 12; 03 Teru 104 9; 03 Ami 115 10; 06 Maen 107.80 (7.63) 11; 00 (1.19) IQ scores were measured using WISC-IV (Wechsler, 2010), and verbal ages were measured using PVT-R (Ueno et al., 2008).
Jackson, Melanie Karca, Daniel Keele, Waldemar Mehner, Treyce Montoya, Teru Osorio, Kelly Pierce, Maria Rwamukunyu, Brent Stephen, Brandi Wells
Service to the Lord: Tai oru tinkalum tarai vilakkit all through the month of Tai, I swept the floors tan mantalam ittu maci munnal drew the drawings (kolam), until the month of Maci aiya nun manal kontu teru anintu ornamented the streets with the grains of sand afakinukku alankarittu, ananka teva!
The project takes its name and inspiration from Basetrack, a citizen journalism project created by Teru Kuwayama, designed to give Marines a platform to document their experiences and showcase photos from the front.
Seated: Andrew Drysdale, Teru Nakamura, Gloria Lubkin, John Corr.
Sobre la lectura del clientelismo como propio de sociedades subdesarrolladas vease la primera parte del trabajo de Laura Guasti, 'Teru: Clientelism and Internal Control", en Friends, Followers, and Factions.
She rounds up the usual crew of Teru, Rodant Kappor, and other family voices to follow a complex story of surprises and extraordinary adventure.
US investment bank JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) has said that it has named Steve Teru Rinoie, the head of fixed income of Tokyo operations, as the bank's new president and chief executive in Japan.
TERU MIYAKI, "Underdetermination and Indirect Measurement." Adviser: Michael Friedman.