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TESARTactical Endurance Synthetic Aperture Radar (Army)
TESARTactical Enhanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
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They certainly did their best to make light of their injury crisis last night, even though guests Sam Tesar and Mark Lemon failed to come up to scratch.
Mr Tesar said the Interior Ministry is doing a remarkable job by arresting the terror masterminds who have, however, passed on their skills to other people by training them.
Mr Tesar described the current situation in Bahrain as a "game of cat and mouse" between bomb-making, Molotov-hurling rioters and the security services, praising the police's restraint in the face of such violence.
"I don't think I have seen Sam Tesar ride like that for years and it was nice to see Ryan Fisher finally get back among the points again."
"People will always go where there's the lowest risk," forensics expert Tony Tesar told the GDN.
Tesar, NBER and University of Michigan; and Sebastian Auguste and Herman Kamil, University of Michigan, "Cross-Border Trading as a Mechanism for Capital Flight: ADRs, CEDEARS and the Argentine Crisis"
Pratt calls up Ipswich's Craig Boyce and Peterborough's Sam Tesar - two riders who have ridden in Elite League victories over the Bees in the last 48 hours - as guests in the continued absence of Billy Hamill, Andreas Jonsson and Lee Richardson.
Green Sheet Averages - Peterborough: 9.56 R Sullivan, 9.52 P Karlsson, 6.97 Z Tesar, 6.97 S Andersen, 5.28 D Howe, 5.09 B
PETERBOROUGH: S Tesar 15+1, P Karlsson 13+1, R Sullivan 12, C Watson 7+3, B Woodifield 7+2, A Compton 3.
Adam Skornicki will be fighting to be fit for tomorrow's tough encounter after colliding with Sam Tesar of Peterborough in his third ride last Monday.
The cost of maintaining a team to constantly protect systems is much more than the damage caused by the threat, said Mr Tesar who is security and risk management director at security firm RTI Limited.
Harris and Janniro fought tooth-and-nail for third place before the Panthers man prevailed in heat 11, Andersson mislaid more points in heat 12 after being reeled in by Sam Tesar (who had suffered a bizarre fall out of the start in heat 10) and the destiny of both the victory points, and the aggregate bonus, had long been settled by the time Parker joined Sullivan up front to cap Peterborough's night with a last-heat 5-1.