TESFTurner Endangered Species Fund (Bozeman, MT, USA)
TESFThe Elite Special Forces (gaming)
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The TESF is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit, private operational charity.
Since our inception in 1997, the TESF and TBD have:
Integrating the D in the mix of lands available to large carnivores and using the field skills of the TESF will greatly advance carnivore conservation, which is a central feature of the Yellowstone-to-Yukon (Y2Y) Conservation Initiative.
During the winter of 1998-1999, TESF biologists also observed one wolf and detected wolf tracks on three other occasions.
If it were ever determined that wolves should be reintroduced into the southern Rocky Mountains, then the Vermejo would provide the TESF a great opportunity to advance wolf recovery, a central feature of the Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project.
Additionally, the TESF fully supports the reintroduction of Mexican wolves into the Gila National Forest, hopefully on the Ladder's allotments, and has offered the services of a biological technician to assist with radio-tracking.
The TESF enjoys a close working relationship with the Fish and Wildlife Service on many efforts to conserve imperiled species.
In recent years, the development of new conservation tools and techniques, including artificial roost and nest cavities and the translocation of subadult birds, convinced the TESF that it was time to attempt establishment of a "new" population.
Preparations for translocations began in April 1998 when the TESF, in cooperation with the Forest Service, began banding RCW nestlings on the Apalachicola National Forest in northern Florida.
The ongoing TESF research on RCW reintroduction will help develop and refine the techniques, time, and costs required to establish new populations on private land.