TESPTelecommunications Electric Service Priority
TESPThe Earth Skills Project (Cheshire; UK)
TESPTeaching English for Specific Purposes (college course)
TESPTotal External Static Pressure
TESPTax Exempt Savings Plan (UK)
TESPThe Emerald Star Post (website)
TESPThe Exploding Shetland Ponies (Dutch band)
TESPTechnical Specification
TESPTelecommunications Enterprise Strategic Program
TESPTransient Electromagnetic Scattering Phenomena
TESPThe Elder Scrolls Pages (FAQ)
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The ultimate aim is to develop Bahraini employees and management staff of TESP organisations by teaching the trainers to upgrade their capabilities, improve their responsiveness rates to new and emerging requirements and acquire the skills necessary to help them match employers' demands and to continuously improve their client offerings.
Workshops on various topics including train the trainer/effective facilitation/teacher development; coaching and mentoring skills; marketing training and educational services; assessment and evaluation; designing and planning training and educational programmes; innovation in education; quality system for TESP and special education have been planned.
he said adding that HEC intends to launch second phase of TESP and would like to train more mployees of Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs).
Mansoor Akbar Kundi, Executive Director HEC commended TESP on organizing the trainings and stressed on the importance of capacity building.
During the past academic year, a total of 142 grant-holders (academics) from 17 universities and four universities of technology were supported through TESP, with 1 326 students (356 Masters, 218 doctoral and 53 post-doctoral students within the TESP centres) being supported in the various degree programmes.
The successes of TESP range from developing research centres at universities in several areas related to Eskoms business, which have undertaken contract research work, produced academic papers, developed academics, supported the skills pipeline, and contributed to transformation in the SET (science, engineering and technology) fields.
Coordinator TESP stated that this initiative under the World Bank's TESP would continue to impart training to the university nonteaching managers for their capacity building.
Table 4 - types of silanes and their molecular weight Monofunctional silanes MW (g/mol) PTES Propyltriethoxysilane 206 OTES Octyltriethoxysilane 276 HDTES Hexadecyltriethoxysilane 388 TESPS Bis-(triethoxysilylpropyl)sulfide 442 Bifunctional silanes TESPT Bis-(triethoxysilylpropyl) 539 tetrasulfane, Si 69 TESPD Bis-(triethoxysilylpropyl)disulfane 478
The three alkyl silanes PTES, OTES, HDTES and the thioether silane TESPS were added equimolarly (6.