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TESSTransiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (US NASA)
TESSTrademark Electronic Search System (US Patent and Trademark Office)
TESSthe Exponential Encryption System
TESSToxic Exposure Surveillance System
TESSTexas Excavation Safety System
TESSTrading Edge Strategy Software
TESSTactical Engagement Simulation System
TESSThe Exponential Security System (RFC 1824)
TESSTsuneishi Economical Standard Ship (multipurpose bulk carrier; Japan)
TESSThreatened and Endangered Species System (US Fish and Wildlife Service database)
TESSThe English Spelling Society (UK)
TESSTactical Environmental Support System
TESSTertiary Education Superannuation Scheme (Australia)
TESSTerrorism, Espionage, Sabotage and Subversion
TESSTreatment-Emergent Signs and Symptoms
TESSTotal Enterprise Security Service (SecureInfo Corporation)
TESSTRW Environmental Safety Systems Inc.
TESSTrend Enterprise Security Solution
TESSTactical Environment Support System
TESSTriboelectrostatic Separation
TESSTesting Evaluation of Speech Synthesis (assistive technology)
TESSTraining and Evaluation Support System (US FAA)
TESSTarget End-To-End Signature Simulation
TESSTest Equipment, Strategy and Support
TESSTeaching English to Spanish-Speakers
TESSTactical Electromagnetic Systems Study
TESSTest & Evaluation Simulation Subsystem
TESSThe Enhanced Soldier System
TESSTransition Efficiencies in Safeguards and Security
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As for Tess Durbeyfield, she did not so easily dislodge the incident from her consideration.
So matters stood when Tess opened the door, and paused upon the mat within it surveying the scene.
There stood her mother amid the group of children, as Tess had left her, hanging over the Monday washing-tub, which had now, as always, lingered on to the end of the week.
No ditty floated into Blackmoor Vale from the outer world but Tess's mother caught up its notation in a week.
There still faintly beamed from the woman's features something of the freshness, and even the prettiness, of her youth; rendering it probable that the personal charms which Tess could boast of were in main part her mother's gift, and therefore unknightly, unhistorical.
Her mother bore Tess no ill-will for leaving the housework to her single-handed efforts for so long; indeed, Joan seldom upbraided her thereon at any time, feeling but slightly the lack of Tess's assistance whilst her instinctive plan for relieving herself of her labours lay in postponing them.
"Get up his strength!" said Tess impetuously, the tears welling to her eyes.
Tess, being left alone with the younger children, went first to the outhouse with the fortune-telling book, and stuffed it into the thatch.
Returning along the garden path Tess mused on what the mother could have wished to ascertain from the book on this particular day.
Tess looked out of the door, and took a mental journey through Marlott.
Tess began to perceive that a man in indifferent health, who proposed to start on a journey before one in the morning, ought not to be at an inn at this late hour celebrating his ancient blood.
'Liza-Lu then went to bed, and Tess, locking them all in, started on her way up the dark and crooked lane or street not made for hasty progress; a street laid out before inches of land had value, and when one-handed clocks sufficiently subdivided the day.