TESTLABTesting Systems Using Telematics for Library Access for Blind and Visually Handicapped Readers
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Enex TestLab is in discussions with a number of internet service providers (ISPs) to push through independent third-party testing of network performance, so service levels are appropriate and charged fairly.
Australian government--Filtering proposals and links to Enex Testlab Report
Geovac, the company's vacuum excavation division is entirely dedicated to vacuum excavation services for uncovering buried utilities to confirm their exact locations--potholing in popular utility terminology--and general non-destructive excavation, says Jose Bohorquez, Bess Testlab president.
TDK TestLab Suite performs every type of automotive, telecommunications, commercial, aerospace, and military test.
TESTLAB: un proyecto para hacer realidad el acceso a la informacion y a los fondos bibliotecarios.
Though it represents activity before 2000, which is the notional cutoff date for examples in this article, the multinational TESTLAB Project, which ran from 1996 to 1998 with partners from Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, and Greece, is worthy of inclusion.
Main features of building 171 (new construction) are: - mechanical testing with testlab, Which is a larger coherent area with a variety of test machines.
Fourteen NANA companies service the oil and gas industry: NANA/Colt Engineering, NMS Camp Services, Purcell Security, NANA Oilfield Services, Worksafe, Alaska Testlab, WHPacific Inc., DOWL Engineers, NANA Dynatec Mining, NANA/Major Drilling, NANA Pacific, NANA Training Systems and more.
This project formed the UK contribution to the European Commission-funded research project TESTLAB: Testing Systems using Telematics for Library Access for Blind and Visually Handicapped Readers.
China Mobile, ARM, Cavium and Enea today announced an agreement on collaboration in the China Mobile Open NFV Testlab. The collaboration will use Enea's OPNFV based commercial, Enea NFV Core platform, and Cavium's ARM based ThunderX workload optimized datacenter server processors.
Then he became head of projects for the Dutch Students Library for the Blind, where he coordinated TESTLAB, CANTATE, and HARMONICA among others, and started the MIRACLE project.
Testlab Energy Agency has since 2013 an updated measurement system that handles testing activities with the collection of data, the system is closely linked to an administrative system with the associated database.