TESZTrans European Suture Zone
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The word jog (law) was revived by the Hungarian neology (TESz.) and in the course of the19th century a growing number of new legal terms were produced from it.
The TESZ and the T-T zone are wildly discussed in scientific literature and many different aspects of the zone were examined.
Indeed, even the intransitive character of rogoz is not unequivocally demonstrated in TESz. In varieties of Hungarian where feslik 'come unstitched' has a variant fesel and kamlik 'be peeling' has a variant kamol (Karoly 1957: 278), they belong in Table 3, rather than in Table 2.
(1195) zumtuchel; 1138: Beregheg ~ 1193: cueshyg ~ 1206: tarnouhuge (in the examples the vowels in question are highlighted in bold in the words szem 'eye' and hegy 'hill; mountain'; Benko 1957 : 73; TESz 2 : 82-83).
Im TESz (II 442) wird die finnisch-ugrische Grundform *meca rekonstruiert und ebenso erscheint sie im UEW (1986 : 269), wobei auf einen baltischen Ursprung nicht hingewiesen wird (s.
TESz); die Verbindung mit dem udmurtischen Wort ist neu.