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TETTranscutaneous Energy Transfer
TETTone Equal Temperament (music)
TETTest Environment Toolkit
TETTravailleur en Trance (French: In Trance Worker; band)
TETTraffic Engineering Tool
TETTubal Embryo Transfer
TETTetrytol (explosive)
TETTrilogy Energy Trust (Canada)
TETTurbine Entry Temperature
TETTechnical Evaluation Team
TETTrusted Execution Technology
TETTreadmill Exercise Test
TETTokyo Electron Taiwan Ltd. (Japan and Taiwan)
TETText Enhancement Technology
TETThe Edinburgh Techniques (to aid those with learning disabilities)
TETTensar Earth Technologies
TETTravailleur Etranger Temporaire (French: Temporary Foreign Worker; Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
TETTelecommunications Education Trust
TETTurbine Exit Temperature
TETTwentsche Electrische Tramweg Maatschappij (former bus company in the The Netherlands.)
TETTargeting Effects Team
TETTorqueing Electrical Terminations
TETTechnician Enhancement Training
TETTactical Equipment Trainer
TETTrailing Edge Tracking
TETTechnical Enhancement Training
TETTechnical Evaluation Test
TETTechnology Evaluation Team
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With many incentives discounted by many businesses, contributing to stabilize market prices during Tet this year.
Depuis les annees 1960, le Programme des travailleurs agricoles saisonniers (PTAS), issu d'ententes bilaterales entre le Canada, le Mexique et plusieurs pays des Caraibes, a connu une croissance remarquable, passant de 18 698 TET en 2003 a 25 414 en 2012 (CIC 2013).
TET family proteins, consisting of TET1, TET2, and TET3, have been known as the most important regulator for the formation of 5hmC.
The Tet Nguyen Dan is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which lasts from one to several days.
NAVSUP GLS partnered with the NAVSUP Business System Center-Financial and Air Clearance Transportation System (FACTS) Program Management Office in February 2010, to build an unclassified version of TET within FACTS.
Before being apprehended, the network was responsible for espionage operations in Pakistan, particularly in the Neelam Valley, AJK and other adjoining border areas, said TET, adding that these areas were being kept under surveillance by Pakistani intelligence agencies for a considerable time to collect sufficient incriminating evidence against the spying network.
As a major festival and holiday period, Tet centres on the first day of the year in the lunar calendar and is marked by a four-day national public holiday, but the festival lasts for two or three weeks.
Tet proteins were initially discovered in leukemia as fusion proteins, which are commonly found in cancer cells, where they may function as oncoproteins.
A solidly researched book, The Lost Battalion of Tet includes numerous valuable appendices, maps, and photographs that add significantly to the text.
TET is a bis-benzylisoquinoline alkaloid isolated from the root of Hang-Fang-Chi (Stephania tetrandra S.
We started this award before Tet, as every other bank has its own promotion," the Telegraph quoted a teller at the Vietnamese bank, which is based in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho, as saying.
of Shigella isolates 2000-2001 2001-2002 (n/N = 24/550) (n/N = 9/106) AMP 12 - CoT - - TET - - AMP, CoT 9 1 TET, CoT - - CoT, NAL - - TET, NAL - - AMP, TET, CoT - - AMP, CoT, CHL - - TET, CoT, CHL - - AMP, CHL, NAL - - TET, CoT, NAL - - AMP, CoT, NAL 3 5 AMP, TET, CoT, CHL - - AMP, CoT, CHL, NAL - 1 AMP, TET, CoT, NAL - 1 AMP, CoT, NIT, NAL - 1 TET, CoT, CHL, NAL - - AMP, CoT, NAL, NOR - - AMP, TET, CoT, NIT, NAL - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR, CIP - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR, CIP, - - OFX, GAT Year-wise no.