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Of 34 tetracycline resistant isolates, seven strains harbored more than one resistance gene (1- tetA & tetD, 1- tetA, tetC & tetS, 2- tetC & tetE, 2- tetC & tetS and 1- tetC, tetD & tetE), 4 carried tetA gene and 1 carried tetB gene.
As for the total amount of catechins (TAC, TAC = TETC + TSC) in fresh leaves plucked in different regions, Hangzhou > Changsha > Yingde.
The consumption of TETC was significantly higher than the consumption of TSC, which was corresponding to the reaction principle of oxidation of ester-type catechins to generate theaflavins and simple catechins, and the consumption of EGCG was significantly the highest.
To sum up, the contents and proportion of catechins and the consumption of oxidative catechins were significantly different due to the varieties, regions, and seasons; the absolute amount and oxidation consumption of EGCG in fresh leaves were significantly the highest, and the consumption of TETC was significantly greater than that of TSC.
C: catechin; GC: gallocatechin; EGC: epigallocatechin; EC: epicatechin; ECG: epicatechin gallate; GCG: gallocatechin gallate; CG: catechin gallate; EGCG: epigallocatechin gallate; TSC: total simple catechins; TETC: total ester-type catechins; TAC: total amount of catechins.
A forward primer (5'-GGATCTAGAATGGAAAATCTGGATTGTT GGG-3) and a reverse primer GTCGTTGGTCCAACCTTC-3') were added into a PCR reaction to amplify the TetC cDNA (NCBI accession number AM412776).
Infiltrating each leaflet of a single radish leaf with different Agrobacterium transformants, specifically, one containing a 35S::SEB-GUS construct another containing 35S::TetC-GUS, allowed a single radish leaf to express two different antigens (SEB and TetC) with distinct spatial encapsulation of the antigens within the leaf (Figure 2(b), SEB-GUS+ TetC-GUS), demonstrating the simplicity of using agroinfiltration stamping to create a bivalent vaccine in plants [38].
Argoinfiltrating gene (SEB and TetC) into radish leaves provides a simple approach for transiently expressing and encapsulating antigens in leaf tissue.
Class 1 integronase gene and tetracycline resistance genes tetA and tetC in different water environments of Jiangsu Province, China.
Of these mechanisms in Gram negative bacteria, an efflux pump system encoded by the genes tetA, tetB, tetC, tetD, tetE and tetG is perhaps the most important (Skockova et al., 2012).
coli isolates recovered from poultry drinking water and the prevalence of tetA, tetB, tetC, tetD, tetE and tetG genes in the local population of E.
Tetracycline resistance genes (tetA, tetB, tetC, tetD, tetE and tetG) were amplified by gradient PCR at a temperature range of 50-60degC using already reported primers (Zhang and Zhang, 2011).