TETCOTexas Eastern Transmission Corporation
TETCOTom E. Turner Company (San Antonio, TX)
TETCOThermal Energy Transfer Corporation
TETCOTheatre Engineering Trading Company (UAE)
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Moreover, Gulfport will in addition contribute to the JV an existing 11-mile gas gathering pipeline and a 350 MDth/d TETCO interconnect, which are both situated in Monroe County.
The report pointed out Tennessee and TETCO have secured projects to serve the 1.
Country: USASector: Wholesale/RetailTarget: TETCO's retail and wholesale assetsBuyer: 7-Eleven IncVendor: TETCO IncType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
The planned expansion would provide additional supplies of natural gas to the growing mid-Atlantic and Northeast markets and combine un-subscribed existing capacity with incremental firm capacity to create a low cost expansion for TETCO shippers.
TETCO Seeks $137 Million Rate Reduction For interstate Pipeline Customers
The interconnections also open the ETNG pipeline to TETCO shippers and give Duke integrated access to the southeast U.
It's strategic location will provide shippers increased access to the Leidy Hub as well as large markets in Transco's Zone 6, TETCO M-3 and on CNG.