TETDTransitional Employment Training Demonstration (Social Security Administration)
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TMTM and IBM, the monosulfides, improve the cure rate to the same extent as TMTD, while TETD appears to be the most effective.
When TMTD, TMTM and TETD are used with the primary accelerator, reversion is aggravated relative to a recipe with no thiuram.
Interestingly enough, both IBM and TMTM generate the same total density, while TBzTD, TETD and IBT are nearly identical.
A standard EPDM sheeting compound containing TMTD and TETD was evaluated for nitrosamines, with NDMA and NDEA found.
Substitutions of volatile nitrosamine-generating accelerators in model compounds of various polymers and applications showed TBzTD to be a good replacement for accelerators such as TMTD and TETD, although some curative adjustments are usually necessary.